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The election of Artsakh Republic President

Five months after the new constitutional reforms, today in ArtsakhArticle 168 of the Constitution was brought to life, according to which the Republic elects a new president for the next three years, so to say, to be in office during the transitional period until the end of the current parliament’s powers. Artsakh, in fact, passes from the semi-presidential system to the presidential administration system. In this regard, the Parliament convened a special sitting, which, besides the deputies, was attended by the members of the Security Council, representatives of state apparatus, representatives of political and public circles and journalists. NA deputy Eduard Aghabekyan was nominated for presidency by ‘Movement -88’ faction and the incumbent president Bako Sahakyan by ‘Motherland’, ‘Dashnaktsutyun’ and ‘Democracy’ factions. As a result of the secret ballot Bako Sahakyan was re-elected as a President of Artsakh Republic.

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