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It is impossible to isolate Artsakh from the world

Azerbaijani efforts to isolate Artsakh from the world to make the issue inaccessible to the International Community are constantly failing. Interest towards Artsakh is growing. People visiting Artsakh are sure of the fact that it is impossible to isolate Artsakh from the world. To what extent is the Community of Italy interested in the Artsakh conflict? Are you afraid of visiting Artsakh? These and a number of other questions were given answers in the interview with Luciano Tirinnanzi organized by “Artsakhtimes”.

How much are people in Italy familiar with Artsakh conflict and what would interest your readers?

To begin with, I would like to mention that by the nature of my work I am somewhat familiar with the problem, since it is my work to collect material about the conflict zones in different parts of the world. As for the public, the level of awareness of the Karabakh conflict is low, if there are some. Mainly the Italian community is interested in two directions: North Africa and Middle East, especially the issues of Syria, Iraq and Palestine. This explains the fact why people are not much interested in the Artsakh conflict. I see two problems: it is necessary to evoke interest towards this region, the Caucasus, Central Asia; the second, there is the problem of rebranding, i.e. the way Italian people perceive the names of Karabakh, Artsakh, Nagorno Karabakh or Armenia. This aspect is very important, since it causes confusion, and it may be the reason of low level of awareness. The most important component of your popularity, in my opinion, is to ensure representation in the UNO; it may change the current situation in favor of your country.

I will present my readers what I have seen here, listened to and I am sure my records of your country will be very interesting.

What do you think about the case with Lapshin? Do you find bloggers’, journalists’ indifference and the luck of partnership solidarity appropriate?  Are you afraid of finding yourself in the same situation?

The case with Lapshin was not widely publicized in our country. Sometime ago, when I was interested in this region I heard something about it, but I learned much about it when I was in Artsakh. Nobody covered the issue in Italy before. On the other hand, journalists are very lazy, they may listen to the news and go forward. As to solidarity of bloggers, let me mention that the field of bloggers is not so unanimous, great importance is given to bloggers; however this is not the case. In order to give publicity to the issue, I think it would be appropriate for Artsakh people to take measures in New York, where the UK Headquarters are located; in this case the problem would become widespread.

I am not afraid of anything, first of all I do not care about the way Azerbaijani authorities will treat my visit to Artsakh. On the other hand, the situation for journalists from Europe is a bit different; we should not have obstacles in carrying out our professional activity.

I would like to be in Azerbaijan as well, to learn their approaches, opinions about the problem, this fact is very important for not to be one-sided.

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