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People should have nationwide universal aims

16176113_10211705209726239_589214748_nPeople speak about the opportunities of the Armenian Diaspora, Armenia-Diaspora interaction. There are different perceptions, evaluations and approaches to this issue. In his interview with “Artsakhtimes” a well-known writer and a political analyst Arcrun Pepenyan expressed his viewpoint about the existent problems and  Armenia-Diaspora cooperation.

What is your opinion? Is the potential of the Armenian Diaspora productively made use of, are there sufficient grounds for collaboration?

Armenia is like a paralyzed giant. Being spread all over the world Armenians may have had one of the most leading countries but they are in poor condition. Armenia is in miserable situation, people are hopeless, and in the communities of the Armenian Diaspora there is danger of assimilation. According to examinations 95% of Armenians migrated to the USA in 1915 have been assimilated. Most of the largest Armenian Diaspora communities with thousands of members do not exist, they have been eliminated. This means that we should have a project to preserve the Diaspora. For understandable reasons Armenia could not affect this issue before. After the Independence the Government should have taken measures to solve it. Together with Armenians living in London I was at a meeting in 1995. People mentioned that they did not trust authorities. Four years after gaining the Independence we managed to repel the Diaspora. Even if most of them were the soldiers fighting for the liberation. It is obvious that the barrier between Armenia and the Diaspora would become stronger in the following years of government.

Taking into consideration the potential it is not difficult to strenghten and make Armenia prosper. Besides Armenia is in denger of destruction, even there are calls of severing relations from the Diaspora. This proves the fact that public mindset have been distorted.

Which steps can be taken to get out of the situation?

We should take steps basing on the current situation. Taking into consideration the global experience one can point out the factors of national-universal goals and inspiration. Have you noticed that the April war had some positive influence on the national unity? However, it was not enough for the problem of being disorganized to be solved. We need a stuff to deal with it. Unfortunately, this issue is not properly discussed in Armenian policy, moreover it is not on the agenda. Positive changes can be seen anywhere else. There are initiatives with the aim of being united, which is very praiseworthy.

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