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The village of Lernahovit, Kashatagh region, was formerly called ‘Yeznagomer’. To reach it one must go 52 km from the center in the North-eastern direction. The village was liberated from Azerbaijani captivity at the end of March, 1993. The first residents, i.e. forcibly displaced Armenian refugees came to the village in 1998.The village belongs to the homonymous region of Lernahovit, which includes the neighboring Shrvakan and Spitakajur villages. There is a secondary school in the village, which in 2014 was repaired by the initiative of an organization called ‘The patriots’ operating in Glendale, USA. By the way, during the reconstruction works of the village no building material made in Turkey has been used. The residents of the village are engaged in animal husbandry and farming. Getting acquainted with them was worth having long-term journey. They always wait for you in the village.

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