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In case of normal and safe conditions the people of Talish will return their homes

The most actual theme discussed in our society is the resettlement of Talish. What will be the situation in the village protecting the northern borders of our country? What is expected? A number of questions were discussed in an interview with the leader of Talish community Vilen Petrosyan, organized by “Artsakhtimes”.

What kind of activities is carried out in the village and do the first inhabitants live in Talish?

Today about 10-12 people live in Talish, mainly people who do not have permanent jobs, so they will be included in the construction work carried out in the village. There are former soldiers, who will optionally join the army of our country. The construction work recently started in Talish, after finishing some work and after the weather is fine we will come back to the issue of resettlement. At the moment the reconstruction of the school has started, which houses the former hospital. The administration office for the village will be constructed, the events hall will be reconstructed, and then we will turn to the construction of kindergarten, which is planned according to schedule, the designing work is completed. The neighborhood construction project is developed, new buildings will added to the older ones, along with the restoration of the former fund.

What will happen to the people of Talish living in the Republic of Armenia? Do you have the exact number of families that will return and live in the village?

I cannot exactly answer your question, but obviously there are many people. It is clear that nobody will be forced to return their homes. They will return as to their will. It is provide them with necessary conditions for people to have the desire of returning. Everyone should follow his heart and his soul.

Fortunately, I can say that about 270 people from Talish live in Karabakh today, in comparison with April, when there were around 130 of them. There are about 70 families or members of families. At the moment, repatriation process is going on. There are 32 families, 134 inhabitants in Alashan today. Children go to school; the teaching staff is the same they used to be in the village. Simply there is no place for new families.

In the near future another 20 cottages will be constructed with the aim of being inhabited. There are cases when the father of the family has returned to the village; the family is still in Armenia. Recently a family from Charentsavan moved to our village, another family from Ararat region will move to our village soon. We need provide them with better conditions so that others wish to live in Talish as well.

Which is the most convincing argument for the people of Talish to return their village?

There is no need to convince people of Talish to return their village. People expressing desire to come and live in their village will be provided with favorable conditions. To tell the truth, it is difficult to say anything about the privileges, but there will be some, for sure. In general, I think that Talish village should be given special status. The normal and safe conditions will be the very persuasive argument that will make people from Talish return their homes.

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