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It is impossible to sign a treaty alliance between Russia and Turkey

The murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey has caused a number of discussions. The deterioration of relations between the two countries had been expected but it did not happen. What happened in Turkey and other issues were discussed in an interview with the politician Hrachya Arzumanyan organized by Artsakhtimes.

What eventually happened in Turkey? Was it a terrorist act, provocation as it is considered to be or a message for both of countries?

First of all, let us make it clear, what the terrorist act is.  Terrorism is a special form and method to carry out military operations, and we are naive thinking that we are fighting against terrorism. The matter is not in the executor of a terrorist act, but for what it is done. For me it is obvious that the Turkish Special Forces were involved in the operation. Turkey is at the pitch of civil war, it is clear that people are divided into different groupings. It is hard to say who is behind the action, but the participation of the Turkish special services is obvious. The reasons may be different: as to create chaotic situation, to remove Erdogan from his office, to form a new government. As we see, Russia supports Turkey and tries to help to overcome the crisis. They forgave Turkey for the crash and helped to suppress the military revolution. They forgive the murder of the ambassador; something which is not comparable with what happened before. We must be able to assess the situation correctly, it is a geopolitical level. In reality the signing of a treaty alliance between Russia and Turkey is impossible because almost all the political leaders are against it, and will not allow the signing of this alliance. Otherwise it will lead to the collapse of one of these two states. It is difficult to deduce what will happen if they are able to give solution to the conflict through tripartite (Iran-Turkey-Russia) agreement. On the other hand, it is known that there are territorial and other disagreement between Iran and Turkey, Iran and Russia and a tripartite alliance also seems to be impossible.

Russia will try to give solution to the problems; the president has declared that it was designed to spoil Russian-Turkish ties, however they did not succeed. It means Russia will be in good relations with Turkey. The Russian people have already had the experience of forgiving, they will also forget the murder of the ambassador; this is the ongoing Russian policy. Today Turkey has one of the largest nationalized gas companies, i.e. Akfel Holding a shareholder of which is “Gazprom’.  It means Russian finance is being circulated here. Turkey seized it from Russia. Turkish policy is rude and harsh, which is forgiven by Russia. Let us pay attention to the appearance of the murderer: he did not  have mustache and his face was not hidden the way we are used to. His appearance is different in comparison with modern Turkish appearance. And it was a well-organized operation. Although people living in Russia and Turkey reject the version of his being a member of the special services, but the facts suggest otherwise.

On the other hand, the relations between Russia and Turkey are not stable. So, what is going on in Syria today? Turks and Russian are fighting against each other, the Russian support Bashar al-Assad, the Turks support, the so-called, opposition. That is, in Syria they are fighting against each other, they kill the ambassador of Russia to Turkey, grab the money and after all, Russia declares that the partnership between the two countries will not stop. In other words, Russia is not conducting adequate policy today. It makes us get anxious since our enemy is unpredictable.

So, what was the purpose of the meeting in Moscow?

Nothing special, because events worth mentioning are taking place not in Moscow but in Syria and Turkey. The latter, as I have mentioned, is on the pitch of civil war. Will Turkey be able to overcome the crisis or not, will it be able to solve the problem in Syria: these are the questions that prevent the rules dictated by Russia.

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