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A New bid of resettlement

1531Migration to the Talish village has started and this process excites nearly every Armenian. The first question that arises is whether people will come to live there or not. As Artsakhtimes reports the president of the public organization “Talish”, “Borderline Villages” Edward Poladov has presented his project and is ready together with his followers to resettle in their native village. 

What are you going to do for Talish?

Together with 300-400 veterans we are ready to go, reside and start farming in Talish. By Talish we do not mean only Talish. The resettlement can take place in Mataghis, Tonashen, or in borderline villages of The Republic of Armenia. At the moment the process of the resettlement starts from Talish. Only men without families are involved in the resettlement, like the case with kibbutz in Israel. We will live there and make our territories prosper like this. If there is life, people will not be in defeatist mood. We call all the Armenians in the country and Diaspora to join us. We should strengthen Armenian soldiers’ victory during the April 2-5 military conflict and it does not matter what country backs Azerbaijan: Turkey, Israel; whether Russia sells arms or not. The most important is for us to recognize our country and victory. I am sure everything will be fine. We are optimistic. Soon we will be in Artsakh and meet the president of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan to discuss our further things to do. As a migration expert I am sure the resettlement of Talish and other localities is not a great problem. I was born in Talish and I have contributed greatly to the latest resettlement in Talish. Today on my own responsibility I can assure that we will not leave our houses. The number of people to join us is an issue of future. Anyway, they say, a sacred locality will never remain without inhabitants. We will never take the houses of people from Talish by all means we will build our houses.

Do you have an elaborated plan and what is your opinion about the process of resettlement?

The plan is designed I have sent it to the president and prime minister of NKR. We met Arkadi Karapetyan and discussed the problem in detail. At the moment we are going to visit Artsakh. We will exclusively be engaged in agriculture and we will go there as peaceful inhabitants, but if necessary we will stand by our soldiers.

What concerns the process of resettlement it had been carried out properly after Pan- Armenian National Movement ceased its development. It is not difficult to deduce the reasons. Since 1996 the process has been incomplete. It is time to remove shortcomings. Today people migrate from our country. Why Armenians have to cross 3-4 thousand kilometers to live and work in a foreign country, when it is possible to do the same in their homeland?

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