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German Sterligov

    1. – Today we are going to interview German Sterligov who is, according to Russian Wikipedia, a politician, public figure, businessman, manager, one of the first multimillionaires in Russia and one of the co-chairmen of the first commodities exchange in the country, Alisa. In 2004 he ran for the presidency of Russia. Afterwards he left everything and settled in a remote village. The reality is – he has moved to Artsakh and wishes to live here. We met him by chance – even though I am not sure if there’s anything accidental in life. Anyway, here is the interesting talk we had.

    Mr. Sterligov, thank you for joining us for the interview. I wanted to ask you, “According to your chronology what is the date today?”

    1. S. – It’s June 14, 2024 AD and the year of 7524 since the creation of Adam.
    2. Well, I know just a little about your way of counting the years, that’s why I won’t be wasting our time on..
    3. S. – I don’t even count them. You need to count only when you forget, you just minus 13. As to the years, there are no calculations. You simply have to know that in 1708 Peter the Great signed a decree– which has preserved by the way – according to which it was 1700 and not 1708. Everyone obeyed and lived those 8 years again. It means that all this was just blind obedience to the Tsar. What do we need it for? Whereas he did it to conform to heretics, to Europe, he westernized the calendar. Monkey see, monkey do. As if they were white people and we were Indians. But why would we behave like Peter the Great? Maybe he was an Indian, but we are Christians. And we ought to know the year Christ was born in. He’s the king of kings. He was born in 5500 of the Blessed Virgin Mary. So, it’s 2024 AD, no other way.
    4. – Well, the history has a lot of questions.
    5. S. – It’s a deliberate distortion of history. So that people would leave their faith and decent lifestyle behind and serve the Devil. During the last 400 years all the historians were engaged in falsifying the history on that purpose. That’s because they are all members of the same community and try not to argue with each other.. from Karamzin to Soloviev, from Soloviev to all the others.
    6. But why do you think people would complicate their lives if they were originally given all the values by God?
    7. S. – Oh well.. It’s a rhetorical question. Why do they smoke? Give way to carnal desires? Why do they steal, cheat? They are rhetorical questions.
    8. –But there are answers to them, aren’t there?

    G.S. – There is only one answer – the Devil tempts the man and the latter either fights against him or is led by him. This is the true faith. The one who serves God fights the devil. He doesn’t yield and defends the truth. The calendar, chronology, faith, they are the fundamentals of life. The upbringing of children and so on. Politics, finances, economy come after that. Whereas what I named first are the basic principles.

    1. I must confess everything I managed to find out about you on the Internet during one evening was very impressive. You are an extraordinary man – from a Russian multimillionaire to a rural farmer. Which was the turning point?

    G.S. –   The turning point was when I went bankrupt. It was in 2004, I tried to run for the presidency of Russia, spent huge sums but they withdrew my candidature at the beginning of the campaign. I had to sell everything and settle down in a forest as a peasant. This was how my normal life started. I am glad it went that way. Now I have а prospering farm and a better life.

    1. Does the ex-oligarch consider himself a rich man?

    G.S. – Not money-wise… Of course I am rich, I have 5 children, 3 grandchildren. A good farm in Russia. I have almost no money. For example, to start an agricultural business in Karabakh I’ll have to sell something in Russia. My land or farms.

    1. We will still speak about it. Now I’d like to ask this question. You are an Old Believer…..No? I just read..

    G.S. – I am an Orthodox Christian. I belong to the church that will exist till the last day of humanity. The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Old Believers came 50 years after. There was a split between Nikon and Avvakum, the heretics. They actually fought each other for power.

    1. By saying you are an Old Believer I mean that you don’t accept anything new, like modern technologies.

    G.S. – It’s all witchcraft. Modern technologies were invented by sorcerer-scientists. They have nothing to do with faith. Anything new in faith is heresy because all the principles of faith are listed in Holy Scripture – in the Old and New Testaments. And when Jesus was crucified and resurrected so that we could enter into God’s glory the apostles and Ecumenical Council recorded in detail everything in the Scripture. Anyone who adds something is an anathema.

    1. How do you imagine modern life without innovations and technologies?

    G.S. – I call it a happy and healthy life. Innovations and technologies kill us. Look, I have to wear glasses because of those damn doctors who cut my eyes and put a plastic sponge inside. And I am condemned to have this stuff on till the end of my life. They even reproach me, like, why do you wear them if you’re so against modern technologies. You see? First they ruin your eyes and then glasses are irreplacable. These technologies ruin us. We have no right to deny it. We can see lack of water, there aren’t any natural products left, chemical fertilizers damage the soil. Our loved ones suffer from terrible diseases – cancer, diabetes, allergies. Things that didn’t exist in the past. They emerged alongside technologies. Take prostatitis. Almost every man has it. It’s the cars. Prostatitis develops because of cars. Horsemen couldn’t have it.

    1. We thought scientists were making a progress. Are they not?

    G.S. – They are killing us. Scientists kill both the environment and the man. They used to be called alchemic sorcerers. Now people call them scientists. But they are the same.

    1. How would you evaluate the present state of Russia’s economy?

    G.S. – You have to choose which terms to use. Is it good or bad? As for me, any economic and industrial development, in the present sense of the word, is bad for any country. It means the end of fresh water, forests, the death of people. Sick children. It’s the absence of healthy food and so on. It’s bad. For many people industrial development is a good thing. Just imagine someone build a nuclear power station near Shoushi. That will be the end of Shoushi and Stepanakert. Of course you’ll have plenty of electricity, lots of money and cars. But you’ll be sitting on a powder ked. Remember people who lived near Fukushima. They would have given anything not to have been close to it. Too late. They got the bill for cheap electricity. You will get the bill for chemical plants, nuclear power stations, hydropower plants that have polluted the considerable part of Armenian rivers. You’ll get it at the moment of disaster. And the disaster is certain to happen.

    1. – Don’t frighten us, please,…

    G.S. – You know why? Because every machine breaks down. No dam serves forever. No nuclear plant works forever. Sooner or later there will be failures and accidents. And that will be the bill for all these things, all the electricity you got for free.

    1. – But is it possible to avoid all that?

    G.S. – Sure. You have to use your brain, pray for enlightenment and put an end to this mess. Of course. Why do we need chemical fertilizers for fields if we can use manure? Where can we find manure? We must make people ride horses instead of cars.

    1. What you are saying is just impossible…

    G.S. – It will take them a few years to reproduce. Give grants to people who breed horse. Don’t let them use horsemeat. Let mares reproduce, foal. Having hundreds of millions of horses will definitely take time. The sooner you start the project, the sooner you finish it, don’t you?

    1. Do you believe that some day it will happen?

    G.S. – There are two options: either we come to our senses and start riding horses, protect water, cut oil production as there is now water instead of oil, gas, ore, coal, or die of thirst and other disasters. Or we replace cars by horses.

    1. Which will be the humanity’s choice, according to you?

    G.S. – That’s what I am telling you. Either you stop scientific and technological progress and introduce criminal liability for scientists… Scientists must be criminally responsible for their sabotage activities. Meanwhile our scientists are never guilty of anything. In case there is a certain disaster, say an ecological or a technological one, they always blame directors, presidents, anyone. But not scientists. Whereas it’s the scientists who are guilty as anything that is being built can suffer from an accident. It’s just a matter of time. It’s like a delayed-action bomb. Somewhere it’s better, somewhere worse. America is in the worst situation. It’s better in Russia. You are in a bit better state. But we are all going to die. No one’s going to avoid it. We must stop the scientific progress. That is our main task. It especially concerns youth because the old are generally quite bad. They used to be wise. Now the longer they live the more they watch TV, eat artificial food, smoke and grow more foolish. The brain is a part of the organism and like the liver and kidneys it can be damaged too. Nowadays the older the man, the sillier he is whereas in the past he was growing wiser with the age. You need to realize it fully. Why aren’t mental diseases treated forcibly in Russia? Well, because there is a great number of schizophrenics around. The brain can’t bear the food. All that chemical food from supermarkets like The 7th Continent, Ashan and others. The food damages the brain and the blood pulsing in it. And people just grow stupid.

    1. – Is it the beginning of the end?

    G.S. – It’s almost the end of the end. Just a few years are left till the disaster. Not decades and certainly not hundreds of years. Just a few years. Why am I here? Among other things? Because water and rivers in Russia are disappearing. There are practically no rivers left. Disasters on Volga, on Oka. Only one sixth of river Lama left. Lakes, including Baikal, become shallow. Wells go dry. There is no water. We have got only a few years and we haven’t understood anything yet. We’ve gone mad. All we want is money, money, more money. And scientists are in control of all this. They are in control of all this. It’s important to realize this.

    1. Are you a pessimist?

    G.S. – A pessimist is a well-informed optimist. It’s better to exaggerate the danger than underestimate it. For all those who have kids are responsible for them. At least for their own ones. Now my kids are endangered by the state our planet is in.  Not by a gang or certain individuals, but by the situation itself. That’s why I need to change the whole situation to protect my children. And to protect my children I have to protect yours as well. It doesn’t matter whether you realize it or not, it won’t change anything. You may not realize anything but the situation won’t change in the slightest.

    1. Let’s speak about politics now. Are politicians also ruled by scientists?

    G.S. – Surely. Take Joseph Stalin. What did he do? Collectivization. Whose idea was it? The project was designed by a German scientist who lived in Metropol, in the centre of Moscow. What did Joseph Stalin do? Anything scientists told him to. He founded Gulag as it wholly corresponds to the idea of industrialization. Instead of building plants he built Gulag. To have plenty of slave labour he needed camps because no one would voluntarily go to Norilsk. He had those things on communism and enemies of the people. Instead of NKVD it was the Academy of Sciences that gave orders. The latter regulated the number of the enemies of the people to ensure the industrialization of Soviet Russia. The aim of industrialization was weapons. Who invented weapons? The scientists! Weapons in their turn were needed for wars. Scientists are in charge of everything. Everywhere.

    1. We are discussing such topics, you know..

    G.S. – It’s a pyramid. Scientists are in the apex, then come politicians who carry out their orders. Like the cellular network they invented. Now all the politicians in the world lay themselves out to set up trusts that provide humanity with towers. People used to engage in meaningful activities – they grew potatoes, planted corn, made wine from grapes they grew. Everybody used to do it. 90% of mankind was involved in sensible activities. And what do we have now? Cameramen, pianists, lawyers, motorists, etc, etc. They do everything except the things God commanded to do.

    1. All this is so global that seems unavoidable..

    G.S. – But why is it unavoidable? Look, a man comes to the well and pours poison into it. And we are just standing nearby thinking it can’t be helped. We should knock the guy’s block off. If at least several politicians, world leaders came to senses and defended their nations from scientists the whole situation would change. The world will open its eyes at once. Now we seem bewitched. People can’t figure out what kills them and they have ruined almost everyone.

    1. Do you mind talking about Ukraine? Or would you rather not?

    G.S. – Well, let’s talk about Ukraine.

    1. Back in 2013 you predicted Russia’s reunification with Ukraine, Belarus. You also suggest there be Kievan Rus instead of Ukraine and Russia. Do you think it possible?

    G.S. – There are two options – either all Slavonic peoples unite or they fight against one another. These are the two extremes. Politicians prefer war, I prefer peace. I wish they would unite and not fight. I think it’s possible and even necessary. The unification of Slavonic peoples into one state will be the end of the war.

    1. Has the process started yet?
    2. S. – It has not. Slavonic peoples fight against one another, Russians fight against Russians. The people of Ukraine are Russians, they are the same nation.
    3. They are all Slavonic indeed…

    G.S. – It is the same nation. Like Karabakh and Yerevan, you are all Armenians. The same with Ukraine. Now Russians are killing Russians. Whereas I suggested they unite into one state. We were falsely separated. We are one state with Chechnya for example, though we have nothing in common but we are considered different nations with Ukraine. It’s madness. And it was done by scientists again.

    1. I just wanted to ask that..

    G.S. – They invented languages –the Ukrainian language, the Russian language, the Belarussian language. Scientists disunited people by inventing languages.

    1. Wasn’t it the Tower of Babel that divided people?

    G.S. – No.. Languages were invented by the Tower of Babel. There was one language before. Now in order to reunite we need to go back to that language. It’s Old Slavonic. The language of our books. The one my children are very good at.

    1. Who advised you to go to Karabakh?

    G.S. – Arthur Airapetov, a well-known lawyer from Moscow. He has been my lawyer for a long time and I am proud to be have such a brave and talented man working for me.

    1. Are there many Armenians among your friends?

    G.S. –Lots of. It so happened that in Russia we deal quite a lot with Armenians, we are friends. We have founded an Armenian park in Sloboda. I received a gift from Samvel Tsarukyan, a churn /here: Khnotsi, a traditional Armenian churn/ and we make butter in the Armenian way. He also promised to help me have a tandoor so that we can bake lavash in it. We like lavash a lot. Together with our own bread /since we are making it ourselves/ we are going to bake Armenian bread- lavash. In Russia we often have Armenian guests. We are very good friends with them.

    1. How would you characterize us Armenians?

    G.S. – I can tell you the main features by which Armenians differ from us. It’s cordiality, hospitality, open-mindedness and honesty towards one another. And courage which is a rare thing nowadays. Armenians are brave and courageous.

    1. – That’s true.

    G.S. – At the least the ones I know.

    1. Can we speak about your decision to move to Karabakh. Was it a spontaneous decision or a well-thought out plan?

    G.S. – No, it was quite a sudden decision. I first visited Armenia on the Centennial of the Genocide and liked it there. And I was told I would love Karabakh even more. So I came here with my family and when we saw all this we decided to start a farm here…

    1. Did the children like it here too?

    G.S. – Everyone liked it. My wife was a little worried. As a woman she is a bit doubtful about how we would face such changes.

    1. Why is our country special?

    G.S.-  First of all you have plenty of water. Even if they say it’s a drought year. There’s a lot of water. The soil is unusually fertile. We went to Qirs, it’s like a blooming garden. Great conditions for cattle breeding. But it’s not the most important. What I liked most was the fact you have a free life. Free compared to Russia. I am not even talking about Europe and the US. You have the big advantage of being an unrecognized state. Something we don’t have. And you should cherish it. Those international scumbags don’t tell you how to bring up your kids, they don’t make you organize Sodomists’ parades. All that gender equality stuff. America has turned into a country of Sodomists. Officially, starting from the president himself. You don’t have it. You loathe such things. Your moral values and traditions are very strong.

    1. M. – Right.. But in spite of all recognition is our goal.

    G.S. – It’s very bad. It’s wrong. Don’t do that. Keep away from Sodomists and you’ll do the right thing. Because God will punish them, disasters await them. They will be severely punished. And the farther you keep from Americas and Europes the safer you and your kids will be. You will be less guilty in front of God. You’ll keep away from sinners. And they will be punished. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?

    1. – Sure…

    G.S. – The same thing will happen to them. It’s just a matter of time. You have your native Armenia that recognizes you. And that’s fine. There is a better chance of being recognized and independent. Introduce gold and silver coins.

    1. – You have that experience, don’t you?

    G.S. – Yes.. Alongside your banknotes, drams. Here you have a huge advantage over Russia, or China. They are afraid for their giant savings in foreign banks, and then they are recognized states. They have certain limitations, a great number of signed agreements, financial and international documents and so on. You don’t have them. Karabakh is a free country.

    M . – But is that going to give us anything? To do that in our country only…

    G.S. – It’s quite simple. Look, you get machinery for minting coins from the gold you extract. Instead of selling it to Switzerland. You buy gold from those who extract it.

    1. – Who will buy it?

    G.S. –The Treasury. You need Treasury that buys gold, mints coins which are real money, not souvenirs. They are units of measurement for money.

    1. For internal use?

    G.S. – Yes, for internal use. First you are going to make money on numismatists. There are 6 millions of them in the world. Eachof them will want one. 600 000 of them are professionals who will buy them right away. One coin will cost about 150 dollars. Multiply 150 by 600000. Those hundreds of millions dollars are Karabakh’s income. And the coins will exist in several denominations. Professional numismatists will buy each of them or maybe even more in order to sell them to others. Unfortunately the Muslims were the first to do it.

    1. Yes..

    G.S. – Actually quite recently. I suggest it be done in 2016. But they are conscious of spoiling relations with Federal Reserve System of USA, World Bank, etc….

    1. Absolutely..

    G.S. – But you don’t have any relations with the Fed or World Bank, you are an unrecognized state.

    1. We are not linked directly, but…

    G.S. – People all over the world treat you very well. It’s not like the case of ISIS. You have a big Diaspora who will immediately spread all those gold and silver coins. It’s kind of a network. They won’t only sell them to numistamists but also use them because unlike dollar and euro it’s stable currency. When dollar and euro fall you will be the world’s alternative accounting system. You’ll take the Rothschilds’ place. They introduced banknotes, you will be the ones to go back to gold.

    1. It sounds so unreal..

    G.S. – All the ordinary things first seem unreal. You have all the opportunities in one – you are unrecognized, you have gold, not fake, real, and you have the Armenian Diaspora. You have all the three factors that would enable you to occupy the vacant place in world market. You’ll be a golden and ecologically pure offshore. The businessmen will rush into your country. You will have money to burn. What you have to do is to choose the right time to do. It’s now. The time is now. And if you miss it..

    1. – Do you think it’s possible now?

    G.S. – Sure. It’s logical. Why won’t there be any pretensions to you? You’ll say that’s your response to ISIS. ISIS wants to take the market of golden coins and we’re not going to let them do it. Let it be the response of the civilized world. It will be our response to Chamberlain. It needs to be done now.

    1. – Thanks for the idea.

    G.S. – This is all for your good. Go ahead!

    М. – It’s a free idea by the way.

    G.S. – This is our chance against slavery and the US Federal Reserve. The whole world will thank and support you.

    1. – Is this a prediction or..?

    G.S – This is my viewpoint. And you’ll have support. Especially that you have Armenian Diaspora, your fifth column.

    М. – Sounds exciting..

    G.S.- To have the full picture and be unreachable for other countries you must also pay attention to ecology. You need to do 3 things: forbid any plastic stuff by a President’s decree. 28 countries have already done. There is nothing terrible in it. You’ll get rid of this scrap heap. Secondly, in 3-4 years you must have replaced chemical detergents by natural ones such as dry mustard. You also should advertise it. Thus your country will not only be considered a golden offshore but also our planet’s cleanest place. This is very popular nowadays. The price of your goods will increase as Karabakh will be the image of pure ecology.

    1. – Don’t your words on gold extraction contradict this idea?

    G.S. – No, no. Gold is just a unit of account. Now you extract gold and sell it to Switzerland as raw material. You do harm to ecology, sell Europe gold for a song, for London fix gold prices. If you follow my advice, you’ll gain 4 times more money. You should sell coins instead of gold bars. On the one hand the price will rise at once because a coin is end product, on the other – constant turnover will always affect the percentage of gold. Turnover gives money. You will get a few times more money for that little piece of gold, for the extraction of which you spoiled a piece of land and polluted a river. You’ll do less harm to the ecology.

    1. – Do you think the world is going to let us do all that?

    G.S. – The less you ask for the world’s permission the better for you. Ask for God’s permission and he’ll do all. Act to please God and everything will be fine. Because God is almighty. What are the people?

    1. – Thank you for the sincere talk.

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