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The newborn museum of the city of museums

The history of Armenian numismatics is one of the testimonies of rich Armenian historical heritage, the pages of which are displayed in the stands of the newly-opened Museum of Armenian dram.  One can find everything starting from commemorative coins issued in the Hellenic period to the coins minted on the …

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Nikol Pashinyan’s working day in Artsakh

Yesterday Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spent his working day in the Republic of Artsakh. He took part in the consecration ceremony of St. Vardananq church in Chartar town, then visited the frontline, after which he had official meetings with the President of the Republic of Artsakh, the NKR Defense …

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The second air festival in Artsakh

Again they soar in the free sky of independent Artsakh. Airfest -2018 launched today, which has all the chances to become a part of the cultural tradition. Stepanakert Airport, which has been serving this purpose yet, is the best platform for true aviation shows. This year it was different from …

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Artsakh Republic President’s Interview

According to the Constitution, nationwide presidential elections will be held in the Artsakh Republic in 2020. ‘I would like to state officially that I will not stand as a candidate for the post of President of the Artsakh Republic”,- stated Bako Sahakyan in an interview given to the representatives of …

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