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Artsakh Republic President’s Interview

According to the Constitution, nationwide presidential elections will be held in the Artsakh Republic in 2020. ‘I would like to state officially that I will not stand as a candidate for the post of President of the Artsakh Republic”,- stated Bako Sahakyan in an interview given to the representatives of …

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Extended conference by the State Minister

Today, the newly-appointed State Minister of the Republic of Artsakh invited an extended working consultation, which was attended by the Ministers of Finance, Agriculture, Urban Development and heads of regional administrations. The current urban and agricultural programs with their financing were on the discussion agenda. It was decided that in …

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Humanism pioneer’s visit to Artsakh

Aurora Humanitarian Prize laureate Tom Catena’s second and last day in Stepanakert was quite saturated. Today, accompanied by the leaders of corresponding departments, he was hosted at the medical centers of the capital and the ArSU. Details- in the video report.

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The briefing of the Public Council

Today the public council, formed as a result of the current situation in the country, convened a briefing and summed up the results of the two-day work. They received 670 applications from citizens, gave solution to some individual problems, yesterday evening had a meeting with the President of the Republic …

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