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A new organization with ambitious plans

The list of NGOs operating in Artsakh was supplemented with one more. The newly formed organization plans to implement a range of programs. The goal of it is to propagandize, preserve and strengthen national values, to give solution to the problem of Armenian identity preservation.

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A unique scientific-research center in Artsakh

A scientific-research center of Western Armenian and Armenology operates in Grigor Narekatsi state accredited university, the opening of which was sponsored by an American Armenian philanthropist, cardiologist, linguist Hakob Ayntaplyan. It is named after Hakob and Lutovica Ayntaplyans.

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Republican wishes to the army

Today, a Divine Liturgy was held at the spiritual center of Artsakh, i.e. Shoushi Ghazanchetsosts church of Christ the Savior, which was dedicated to the Defense Army of the Artsakh Republic. On the Ascension Day, Archbishop Pargev Masrtirosyan asked for God’s blessing for Armenian soldiers and wished them safe military …

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Triple Holiday

May 9 is a special day not only for Artsakh, but also for Armenians all over the world. This symbolic day is solemnly celebrated in Stepanakert. In parallel with official ceremonies, people celebrate May 9 Triple Holiday with great joy. Artsakh Republic President and the newly elected Prime Minister of …

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