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The three themes of the NA regular session

During the plenary session convened on March 29 Arsen Hayrapetyan was appointed the Chairman of the Court of Appeal. According to the resolution adopted by the National Assembly, draft laws “On Making Amendments and Additions to the Code on the Subsurface of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic”, “On Making Addenda to the …

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Theatre is a holiday

A theater is an art of life, which simultaneously influences the viewer, and takes impulses from him. It forms an artistic taste and ‘polishes’ a person. Along with the rapid development of the film industry, many people thought that the theater would die, however, it did not happen. Moreover, as …

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Artsakhian in Artsakh

What products of local production can we buy in Artsakh? Where can we buy them? These are probably the most frequent questions asked by foreign guests.  The answers to them could be varied; addresses, where we could guide those who prefer local products are also different, including winemaking plants and …

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Russian-speaking and French-speaking in Artsakh

Today events organized in the capital were dedicated to foreign languages. ‘Russian Speech Days’ started in Stepanakert primary school number 2 named after A. Ghoulyan, which is annually celebrated,  being transformed into a national holiday. This time many people arrived in Artsakh from Russia. In the second half of the …

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