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‘The great film in a small village’

The presentation of the author film of the famous film director Jivan Avetisyan took place in the village of Khachmach, Askeran region under the title “Great Film in a Small Village”. “Tevanik,” “Interrupted Childhood,” and “The Last Inhabitant,” are the films that the people present had the opportunity to enjoy. …

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The election of Artsakh Republic President

Five months after the new constitutional reforms, today in ArtsakhArticle 168 of the Constitution was brought to life, according to which the Republic elects a new president for the next three years, so to say, to be in office during the transitional period until the end of the current parliament’s …

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Military camp-2017 in Artsakh

In the past week one can see military tents and people in military uniforms in the vicinity of the village of Togh, Hadrut region of Artsakh. They were students from Armenia, Artsakh, and Javakheti who came to Togh village to participate in the pan-Armenian student military camp. The camp organized …

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Nor Brajur

If you want to dance heartily, taste the Artsakhian sour hornbeams, enjoy apples and pears that grow in the mountains, then welcome to Nor Brajur. Here you can also tell your concerns to the river Trtu and be at ease…

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A tasty holiday

July 16 is the most delicious day out of the numerous interesting days in the universal calendar, because today is a delicious meal day. Various national cuisines in the world, with their secrets and unusual combination of ingredients present delicious food to all the people who appreciate delicious food and …

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The great world of the small country

The center of administrative-economic autonomic melikdom of “Khamsa” was the village of Tog, where the main building of the medieval Armenian reality, the palace belonging to political leader Melik Yegan, has been preserved. Since 2009 archeological excavations have been carried out in the territory of the melikian fortress, reconstruction and …

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