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Albert Andryan

Morning of light. Just sun. It was shining bright in the mountains of Artsakh. We have come to admire the magic of our  majestic nature with our interviewee. Albert Andryan, permanent representative of Artsakh in Russia, is our guest today. Although it would be more truthful if I said we …

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20th anniversary of Artsakh Diocese

The disciple of Apostle Thaddeus, Egishe, after being ordained in Jerusalem, brought Christianity to Aghvank. Light kindled with a new force thanks to the conversion of Armenians by St. Gregory the Illuminator. In the 4th century AD he settled in Amaras, thus establishing the Eastern Diocese the successor of which …

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The Aznavour family in Artsakh

Charles de Gaulle once told him, “You will conquer the world, because you can touch one’s heart”. Prophetic words – he conquered the world by his powerful talent, unique personality and perhaps God’s willingness.  The French singer of Armenian descent does not belong to either Armenia or France. The Officer of the …

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