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Stas Namin’s Artsakhian roots

The author of this well-known song is our famous compatriot, Stas Namin, a key figure in Russian culture since 1970s, singer, composer, producer, artist, photographer, film and theatre director and producer, one of the founders of Russian rock music and  leader of The Flowers rock-band. He initiated the first music …

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90th anniversary of Stepanakert

The current area of Stepanakert – the valley of the Karkar was inhabited since ancient times. The discovered materials date back to the Neolithic period. There are a great number of materials from 2-1 millennia BC. According to the preserved church and archaeological excavations Vachagan the Pious’ horse stamped its …

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Lyubov Kazarnovskaya is in Artsakh

– World-famous opera singer Lyubov Kazarnovskaya is in Artsakh. Together with a few members of “Voice and Violin” academy of young singers she gave a splendid concert headlined “Musical surprises”. Here is our exclusive interview with the singer done on the following day of the concert. Lyubov Yurievna, I would …

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Francis Kurkdjian

I have never heard of an occasion when the women of Artsakh were invited to an event with a world-famous perfumer as a guest. I will not describe the beauty of the invited ladies. You can see it very well. The connoisseur of taste and beauty confirmed it. But first, …

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Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan’s visit to London Part 2 Meetings with community and traditional Armenian party members formed a significant part of the visit of Artsakh Republic delegation headed by Bako Sahakyan. During the 4-day visit he met with a number of individuals and 10 public, political and cultural …

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