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Purple stork as a symbol of cooperation

Any innovation in Artsakh is taken with caution and even skepticism, especially if it relates the field of trade. The representatives of Nest bonus card, however, are convinced that they will break stereotypes, overcome distrust. They can evaluate the first results. An abundance of purple stork symbol prompts that Nest …

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Time’s Eye

When a moment becomes eternity and history… At one time it was the talent of unique people. Today the competition is stricter: i.e. everyone has the opportunity of photographing. However, the people, who have chosen the art of photography, are convinced that their job is always demanded. A photographer continues …

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A new program: with the imperative of time

Any child needs special approach. However, there is a group of children, for whom special approach is not desirable, but obligatory. A new state program has been launched in Artsakh. No one knows exactly the number of beneficiaries. One thing is definite: the demand is great. Moreover, the result is …

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A warning to taxi drivers before checkup

In the area of ​​taxi service, there is something, which creates a danger for passengers, unequal conditions for those people, who obey the law, unpaid taxes for the state budget. Control will be enhanced. What is more profitable: to receive a license and obey the law, or to work under …

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A new program in cattle breeding

A new program in cattle breeding starts in Artsakh. It is directed not at the number of cattle, but the management of pastures. That is to say, the problem is to have a real picture of the number of cattle and, accordingly, to distribute the opportunities we have in terms …

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