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Pulse point

A neglected page of the conflict

February 1988 changed the fate of Armenian people. We were assured to be the only protectors and carriers of national dignity. We realized that being Armenians we must struggle and martyr in large countries propagating ‘friendship of peoples’. Due to Moscow’s permission Baku responded to the fair demands of Artsakh …

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Educational probation period is going on

10 years ago following the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh adopted the Bologda declaration provisions. Average statistical citizens, soviet school graduates were dissatisfied with it and expressed their disagreement with the decision. Why? The answer to the question is the same after a decade. ”What do we have today?” The question …

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Stone by stone: builders’ frontline

The April war did his work in the field of urban planning. Its potential has been completely made use of to remove the traces of the April war and postwar period. However, the sector of the economy of Artsakh has been quickly recovered and it was able to implement the …

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Overcoming self-sufficiency borders

The Sarsang Hydro Power Plant built in 1970s is the main source of electric energy for our country and meets only 40% of the domestic demand. After the foundation of Artsakh HEK the productivity of the hydroelectric power station did not reduce. But its production (not made in Artsakh) makes …

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