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Armenia-Israel: does the ice melt?

Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian met Netanyahu at the invitation of Israel. What kind of events can follow it? Will Israel recognize the Armenian Genocide? Will embassies be opened in Yerevan and Tel Aviv? How will the official Tehran treat the establishment of good relations between Armenia and Israel? …

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Artsakh: the dynamics of settlement

Violation of ceasefire regime is against international peace; in fact it is an act of aggression. The aggressor must be subjected to sanctions. Aliyev knows that his last year’s attempt to change the international perception of the problem and the means of normalizing it failed. The serial discussion organized by …

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About the internal procedures in Azerbaijan

The events taking place in Azerbaijan are examined experimentally in the second Armenian Republic, at the level of theoretical assumptions, trying to understand how the inner procedures can affect international, territorial policy and what influence  it will have on the international recognition of Artsakh. During the discussion the people present …

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The case of Lapshin: reality or… ?

Is the case with Lapshin real or it is organized for propagating? What will be the reaction of a civilized world to the limits of journalists’ free travelling rights? What is the problem Artsakh faced with in this situation? The above mentioned questions are discussed in the “Forum” discussion club.

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