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Sven, a fan of Armenia and Artsakh

The 17000th tourist visited Artsakh is Norwegian Sven-Erik Rise. Tigran-Van, as he calls himself, is a true fan of Armenia. His articles on the Armenian Genocide were published in a number of Norwegian papers; he gives public lectures for different audiences. For the first time he has been in Artsakh …

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An interview with demobilized soldiers

More than a year has passed since the April War, but the wound is still open. Even after being demobilized, defenders of our homeland are always ready to be on the borderline at a fatal moment and to defend the state border once again. This time our heroes are the …

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The anatomy of Khojaly massacre

The whole truth about Khojaly remains the same after 25 years. The fact of humanitarian corridor is well known for documented human rights organizations, Muttalibov, independent researchers from Azerbaijan and for some of the inhabitants of Khojaly. Expert Vahram Atanesyan discloses fake propaganda from the side of Azerbaijan.

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An interview with NKR Prime-Minister Araik Harutyunyan

The constitution referendum campaign stage is coming to an end. How was it organized? Why should people vote for the Draft Constitution on the historical date, February 20? These and a number of other questions were discussed by the Prime Minister of NKR, the co-president of “Free Motherland” party Araik …

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