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The outcome of the four-day demonstrations is a new agenda

The situation in the capital was changing hour by hour. In the afternoon, the movement formed a new agenda, creating a “Public Council,” which would take on the responsibility of providing operative communication between the government and the public.  The Public Council has also assumed a mission of controlling the …

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The 4th day of the protest actions in Stepanakert

Domestic tense atmosphere had its continuation today. Yesterday evening, after a meeting with Artsakh Republic President, the delegation of protesters returned to the Azatamartikneri street at midnight, where a group of demonstrators were waiting for them to get information and to clarify what to do next. The delegates promised to …

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The real situation in Stepanakert

Last night two citizens were beaten in one of the streets of Stepankert, who were later taken to the hospital. The incident raised a wave of protests in one of the central streets of the capital. It continues until now. 

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The Church of the Ascension of Kashatagh is 20 years old

For a country that has just passed through war, the solution of vital problems was primary, but the need for spiritual revival was also required. In 1996, the foundation of the Berdzor church was established, two years later the spiritual temple was already standing. Twenty years later the people of …

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Plenary session in the parliament

On May 31, National Assembly convened the regular plenary meeting of the seventh session. The first issue on the agenda of the meeting was the appointment of judges of the Supreme and Appeals Courts of the Artsakh Republic. To the post of the Supreme Court judge Gayane Grigoryan, the chairman …

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Strong with friends

The solemn opening ceremony of handball stadium in Stepanakert is another example of successful initiatives taken by the ‘Hayastan’ All-Armenian Fund in Artsakh. It is a gift not only for the sportsmen and sport lovers of Stepanakert, but also for the children living in nearby dwelling houses.  And it is …

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