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International Conference in Artsakh

On the initiative of the Union of Young Scientists and Specialists of Artsakh the second international youth conference ‘the issues and perspectives of the international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh’, which was attended by prominent scientists and specialists from the universities and research centers of the USA, Germany, Poland, …

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Artsakh supports Erna Mir

Today, our compatriot Erna Mirzoyan, who participates in New Wave international song contest, being the leader of the two previous competitive phases, will overcome the last test. Her friends, relatives, father and brother follow the contest with excitement and they share their emotions with “Artsakhtimes”. Before the final stage, we …

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The Republic of Artsakh is 26 years old

On 2 September Presidents of the Artsakh Republic and the Republic of Armenia BakoSahakyan and SerzhSargsyan partook at the festive events dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the NKR proclamation. The heads of the two Armenian states visited the Stepanakert Memorial Complex, laid wreaths and flowers to the tombs of freedom …

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The truth becomes perceptible

Artskh celebrates its 26th anniversary of independence, the legal status of which has not been recognized by the international community yet, it is perceived by individuals and organizations of the community day by day. On the occasion of Artsakh Independence Day, with a four-day fact-finding mission, the director and founder …

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Pedagogy is not attractive

Although school is the basis of a state, the field of pedagogy is gradually losing its attractiveness, judging by the applications of pupils to enter Higher Education Institutions. The number of applicants decreases year by year. Even there are faculties where groups are not formed. There are various problems in …

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Awarding Ceremony

On 31 August a solemn awarding ceremony dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the NKR proclamation took place at theArtsakh Republic President’s Residence. The Golden Eagle Order and the highest Honorary Title of the “Hero of Artsakh” was granted to Arthur Aghabekyan. High state awards were handed in to the …

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