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….never again

A belfry was erected in the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex in Stepanakert in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Every year on 24th of April people of Artsakh  gather here to commemorate the  canonized martyrs. It is our honored tribute, silent yet demanding.

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Artsakh remebers and demands

The new generation of Artsakh remembers and demands reparation. The struggle is eternal until justice is established. Every year under the leadership of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation torchloght procession is organized to the memorial complex of Stepanakert, where candles are lit in memory of the innocent victim of the Armenian …

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Scientific basis for the army

‘Modern weapons have scientific basis and our army needs officers who are also military engineers. Only the spirit is not enough to win the war, high level of technical competence is necessary as well, which will provide the military departments attached to universities’,- is stated by the National Assembly Deputy …

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The adoption of human rights protection strategy is necessity

The strategic directions and priorities adopted by the Office of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Artsakh include expansion of partnership with the civil society, public awareness, social directedness in closed institutions and implementation of corresponding activities related to the protection of human rights in regions. For the human rights …

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02 04 2016 – 02 04 2017

The Four Day war changed much. For a number of reasons, it has become a crossroad. Everything is divided into “before and after”. There have also been changes in the system of values. The enemy, violated all the international obligations, made us reconsider many things. A year later, the memories …

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The law on conscription is being improved

Along with a number of legislative initiatives a project of including amendments and additions in the conscription system of the NKR was proposed in the National Assembly. The initiative group of deputies made a number of suggestions which must improve the law of conscription of the NKR. The project was …

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